New VT-S500

April 15, 2013

The VT-S500 is Omron's solution to providing next-generation, 3D inspection capability at minimal cost. With revolutionary 3D image processing, the VT-S500 accurately analyzes the topographical features of solder fillets to ensure PCB quality and reliability.
This 3D technology is capable of performing solder inspections that mimic IPC guidelines more closely then ever before. Advanced software capable of absorbing production inconsistencies and noise creates adaptable and stable inspection programs. By minimizing program teaching and tuning times, the VT-S500 greatly reduces the inspection costs traditionally associated with AOI. With ultra-high-speed inspections and dual-lane availability, cycle times have been slashed and productivity has drastically increased. The VT-S500 is available with camera magnifications of 10 or 15 microns and is capable of processing PCBs up to 510mm x 610mm (in single-lane applications) or 510mm x 300mm (in dual-lane applications).
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