Omron Q-upNAVI System - Realtime Process Improvement Made Simple

March 04, 2008

Innovation in process monitoring and improvement through application software with Omron Q-upNAVI software suite.
Q-upNAVI is designed to enhance the manufacturing process by identifying the likely cause of defects from data collected at various stages of the production process and suggesting corrections for each defect.
Q-upNAVI offers predictive inspection at each stage in PCB production, it checks the success of each process, pulls up defects and even suggests possible diagnoses. This means that specific processes can be individually checked, defects flagged up and then dynamically adjusted and refined during the manufacturing cycle - minimising waste at the end of the process.
Quality improvement procedure:


Function: Supporting the procedure to improve post reflow 'S' inspection programs using 'tuning' guides (or pointers) to reduce and eliminate false calls.
Objective: To achieve best pass rate with only real faults identified using AOI thus raising both item quality and productivity.
Effect: Ensures that faulty products are contained and captured and do not pass onto the next manufacturing process.


Function: Provides data for setting standard values for the inspection of the paste printing 'P' and component mounting processes 'Z'.
Objective: To minimize post-reflow faults by setting standard values for paste and mounting processes.
Effect: Improve the pass rate at 'S' position, by allowing the setting of limits for 'P' and 'Z' processes, e.g. a poor paste process, influences product quality after reflow etc.


Function: Allows the analysis of the cause of defects and faults from each process stage, P, Z and S - directs operators fast to 'root' cause of problem.
Objective: To reduce SMT 'line' faults overall, reduced operator inspection time and ultimately improving product QUALITY.
Effect: Enables true quality improvements, supporting the customer objective of acheiving true ZERO DEFECT, ZERO REPAIR production
Q-upNAVI is part of the VT AOI software platform portfolio.
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