Omron VT AOI Machines & Software on Display at UK Partner Technology Event

June 12, 2009

In June our UK based distributor, Contax Ltd held a series of Technology Open Days at their UK facility near Southampton. This event was carefully organised and designed to attract both existing and potential customers to allow them to view, touch and test the full range of electronics production equipment offered by Contax Ltd.
As a key part of this event, Omron supplied a benchtop RNSptH L together with the new easy teaching software (EzTS). In addition, a benchtop RNSptH M was also on show and we are very pleased to report both our machines and software attracted a lot of interest. The four day event attracted over 70 visitors from 40 companies. During this time and for the first time in Europe Omron was able to demonstrate our new EzTS software to existing Omron AOI customers, users of our competitors AOI equipment and also to companies looking at AOI for the first time. The overwhelming response to our new EzTS software was extremely positive. The general feedback was that our product addresses the need for fast program creation, but still retains the inspection power and capability that customers look for when considering improving their quality control process. We are also pleased to announce that two of our existing customers are now seriously considering upgrading their machines so they can incorporate EzTS within their factory environment. Also the same customers are reviewing options to purchase additional machines (likely to be benchtop in both cases) in order to both improve and support greater flexibility in their production plant. Specifically related to EzTS, potential new customers to Omron AOI were impressed with the ease of use and the simplicity of the library creation. Duncan Nicol, Omron AOI Northern Europe Territory Manager commented, "From our standpoint we see EzTS as real enhancement to our products and the feedback from customers so far is that EzTS makes our products far more accessible and easier to use. A big plus also is that we can offer this software to existing customers as part of an upgrade solution, helping them to extend the 'real' operational life of the equipment".
The companies attending the event were clearly well structured and organised to deal with the downturn that is currently being experienced in the UK (as well as across other parts of Europe). In many cases they were seen to be well advanced in adapting their businesses to cope with current conditions as well as preparing for the eventual recovery. From the Omron perspective we are pleased to report that investment in both quality and process improvement is seen as critical for future success and AOI is clearly high up on their respective shopping lists. To sum up the event, Bob Thornton, Contax Ltd Sales Director told attendees, "We are delighted in both the attendance and interest shown in our company. We are also very pleased with the support given to this event by our suppliers. Concerning Omron AOI we are very happy at the positive feedback received about the machines and also to have been able to provide an event where for the first time the new ground breaking EzTS software could be shown and demonstrated.
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