The VT-RNSII is Omron's best-selling solution for providing high-speed, repeatable PCB inspection. Using sophisticated inspection algorithms and patented color highlight technology, the VT-RNSII delivers industry-leading, quality solder-joint analysis and inspection capability.

Inspection program generation has never been quicker or easier when using Omron's Easy Teach Software (EzTS).

The VT-RNSII is available with camera magnification of 10, 15 or 20 microns and is fully capable of inspecting chip components down to 01005 or leaded components down to a 12mil pitch.

The VT-RNSII can be programmed to inspect in three modes: post print, post placement and post reflow.

Two machine sizes are available and allow for complete inspection of PCBs of up to 255mm x 333mm or 460mm x 510mm.

  • Patented Three Color Highlight Technology
  • True Color Image Processing
  • User-Friendly Software and Interface
  • Easy Teach Software (EzTS) for Quick Program Creation
  • Full Offline Program Generation
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • Character Verification
  • Lead-Free Enabled
  • Repair Station Functionality
  • Data Analysis and Quality Control Sofware Tools
  • Omron's World Class Service and Support

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